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Lassa Fever: How to Prevent Lassa Fever Infection

Lassa Fever Infection

Lassa fever is a serious viral haemorrhagic fever that occurs mostly in Central West Africa. Lassa fever is one of the many diseases that threatens human health. Generally, diseases caused by virus are usually more delicate and difficult to deal with.

The incubation period of Lassa virus in the body is 3-21 days. Following the incubation period, the human infection of the virus can start to manifest signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms may include headache, high fever, and severe muscular pains, and difficulty in swallowing.

Any occurrence of a preventable disease such as Lassa fever shows more about the need for tips to help people guard and protect themselves against the infection. Especially when one considers the mode of transmission of the disease.

Lassa Fever

(Photo: WHO)

Mode of Transmission

Lassa fever is commonly spread to humans from other animals, specifically rodents which also live in human households. The specie called natal multimammate mouse (Mastomys natalensis) has been identified to spread the disease, –Richmond & Baglole.

Some people also eat these rodents, perhaps people who are ignorant of the ability of these rodents to carry a disease agent like the Lassa fever virus. The rodents multiply fast enough and carry the virus throughout their life times, once infected with it and they are capable of a lifespan of four (4) years.

Prevention of Lassa fever infection:

  • Do not touch, kill or hold rats with your bare hands because rats carry the virus that cause the disease. The major route of transmission is human-rat interaction.
  • Keep food items including groceries in containers where rats cannot get into.
  • Enlighten people who fry garri to endeavour to spread and keep their garri in places where rodents cannot reach.
Lassa Fever

(Photo: Daily Trust)

  • Rats are good sources of protein but not eating them will further prevent Lasser fever infection.
  • Keep your home tidy enough to discourage rats from living with you in the house.
  • Seal up every hole in the walls of your room(s). Holes in the walls provide good and secure accommodations for rodents.
      Author: Peter A. Aroniyo
Tips to Prevent and Protect You Against Lassa Fever Infection
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Tips to Prevent and Protect You Against Lassa Fever Infection
Tips to Prevent and Protect You Against Lassa Fever Infection. How the disease transmit and how you can prevent or protect yourself against the infection.
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