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These Set of Women Should not Use Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are hormonal medicines which women are required to take, orally, to prevent pregnancy. They are also called oral contraceptives. There are different types to choose from but your safety with respect to your health status and womanish conditions.

Who Should Not Use Oral Contraceptives?

  • A woman whose period is late and thinks she might be pregnant
  • Women with deep or steady pain in one leg or hip
  • Women who once had any signs of stroke
  • Women with hepatitis, Cirrhosis or other liver disease
  • Women who once had or suspect cancer of the breast or womb should not take oral birth control pills          _go for breasts and womb examination before taking oral contraceptives.
  • Women who suffer from migraine should avoid Birth Control pills because these pills can worsen the condition.
  • Women with high blood pressure.
  • Women who suffer from heart disease.
  • Any woman who suffers urinary infection with swelling of the feet.

Finally, should you think you are well okay to take contraceptives, be informed that birth control pills also come with some side effects which you need to take into consideration before using any of them. Common side effects are as listed below:

  • Diminished sex drive
  • Nausea
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Breast tenderness  –Healthline

Every woman reacts differently to the hormones in birth control pills, it is therefore advisable you let your doctor choose the one most suitable for you.

                            Author: Peter A. Aroniyo
These Set of Women Should not Use Birth Control Pills
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These Set of Women Should not Use Birth Control Pills
Birth Control Pills
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