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Vigor Essential for Impotence, Prostate/Prostatitis, Sperm Vitality

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Key Features:
  • It reduces the inflammation of prostate.
  • This drug enhances sexual performance.
  • It also boosts the secretion of Testosterone.
  • Prolong the vitality of the spermatozoa and increase Sperm count.
  • Restores male sex performance.
  • It reduces free radicals and makes you look younger.


Choose vigor essential now for prostate, impotence or sperm vitality. We sell KEDI brand.

Health Benefits of Vigor Essential:

  • It reduces the inflammation of prostate gland.
  • It improves sperm vitality.
  • This herbal enhances sexual performance and slows down the mature of testicle by boosting the secretion of testosterone.
  • It effectively restrains hyperplasia of prostate by strongly lowering the diatomic testosterone.
  • Vigor essential relieves impotence by ameliorating the sensitivities of genitalia to dilate blood vessel and boost erection of the penis.
  • It reduces free radical and makes you look younger.
  • It also delays the derecptude of man and restores sex performance.

Vigor Essential and Impotence and Prostate

In modern society, mental or physical stress has serious damage to human health. As stress lingers, it may lead to momentary suppression of immune function usually characterised by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability and depression. By combining secrets of traditional Chinese medicine with modern Pharmaceutical technologies, Vigor Essential utilizes the benefits of science and nature to create a rapid, and safe vitality enhancement with all-natural ingredients such as Bombyx Mori L, trapang peptidoglycolipid, and Cordyceps fermented mycelium.

Bombyx Mori L has been found to be rich in amino acid and vitamin. It can boost your libido and withstand the aging of cell. Meanwhile, it can also prevent arteriosclerosis and hypocrinism. Trepang peptidoglycolipid has the functions of anti-fatigue and anti-virus to strengthen the immune system.


Each bottle contains 250mg of 30 capsules and bottle is sealed airtight.


Take 1 capsule two times daily.


Vigor Essential should not be used by pregnant women and children under the age of 12.

Vigor essential is approved and certified by NAFDAC with number A7-0467L.

Choose vigor essential for impotence, prostate enlargement or sperm vitality problem and make your family happy with you again.

Shop our products now with assurance of quality.

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