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Diawell Diabetes Herbal Tablets For Diabetes Care

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Key Health Benefits of Diawell Tablets:

  • It is very effective for type 2 diabetes.
  • It regulates blood sugar.
  • Diawell reduces thirst feeling in patients.
  • The tablets are also very effective agianst chronic atrophic gastritis.
  • Body friendly and it is herbal.


Diawell diabetes herbal tablets are very effective for diabetes type 2, chronic atrophic gastritis and they regulate blood sugar and reduce thirsty feeling.

The main ingredients in Diawell tablets are Ginseng radix rubric (Hongshen), Rehmannia glutinosa (Dihuang), Cortex phellodendri (Huangbai), Fructus lycii (Gouqizi), Ophiopogonis radix (Maidong), Fructus schizandrae (Wuweizi) and Coptis rhizome (Huanglian).

Diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous primary disorder affecting the processing of carbohydrates with multiple etiologic factors that generally involve absolute or relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance or both. All causes of diabetes ultimately lead to hyperglycemia, which is the hallmark of this disease. Diabetes is typically classified into Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The Type 1 is the insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in which patients have little or no endogenous insulin secretory capacity. Type 2 is the non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in which patients retain significant endogenous insulin secretory capacity.

Diabetes is known in traditional chinese medicine as depletion-thirst disease and is characterised by polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria and emaciation.

Health Benefits of Diawell Diabetes Herbal Tablets:

  1. Diawell is very effective for diabetes type 2 and chronic atrophic gastritis.
  2. Regulates blood sugar and reduces thirsty feelings.
  3. It is good for people with high sugar level.
  4. Helps to re-balance back your blood sugar level.
  5. Helps to reduce blurred vision associated to this ailments.
  6. Improves general wellness and increased energy.
  7. Diawell helps to  restore Insulin function needed to adequately breakdown this sugar levels.
  8. Alleviates depression, sores, numbness and cramps.
  9. Enhances your body cells to function optimally.

One bottle of the medicine contains 100 tablets.


Buy diawell diabetes herbal tablets now and say goodbye to diabetes.


This herbal medicine is body friendly and could taken 12 tablets within the space of short time three (3) times daily or as directed by your doctor.

NAFDAC Number:

Diawell NAFDAC Number: A7-1302L

Precaution: Diawell is not recommended for pregnant women. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

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