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Seven Ways Western People Achieve Long Life

Seven Ways Western People Achieve Long Life

Aged couple still healthy and having fun (Photo: Silverspain)

A long life in good health and perhaps wealth is everyone’s desire. But, how do we achieve that? Someone would agree with me it’s not easy to say or state exactly how. Since none of us alive now had lived a lifetime before.

Looking around the world, we can see places where people achieve long life. Looking around the world, we can see places where people achieve long life. For example, the UK life expectancy is 79.4 years for men and 83.1 years for women, (The Office for National Statistics). Looking keenly, we can see or make observations of what they do that seem to be helping them achieve good health. And perhaps long life. Looking keenly, we can see or make observations of what they do that seem to be helping them achieve good health. And perhaps long life.

“A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.” -Benjamin Franklin

This article presents you with seven things to do to live longer in good health, from the perspective of western lifestyles.

Seven Things to Do to Live Longer Than Others

Health benefits of physical exercise

(Credit: Anthony Joshua, boxer)

  • Do physical Exercise often. In fact many who do physical exercise often or regularly gain good health and need the Doctor less. There are a lot of health benefits in genuinely exercising the body. Good uptake of physical exercise can lower the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity, mental health including depression, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and falls -(3). Physical exercise helps boost mood and raises confidence and self-esteem, controls weight, it also promote the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body, this boosts energy. Now, it does not matter whether you get someone to exercise together or not. Only that you enjoy it in group, if well organised. Good level of physical exercise will help prevent and eliminate most disabilities caused by inactivity. #BeActive
Vary your diets also with regards to your personal health status

Family feasting on variety of food items (Photo: Telemundochicago)

  • Vary your diets also with regards to your personal health status. Western folks live clear of any food items they know they are allergic to. For example, if you are lactose intolerant, you should watch how much milk or milk products you consume. When it is time to eat something, they make their meals by combining different food items.  Food items may be prepared separately and then served together. Another thing is they love having desserts just after meals. They may have ice creams, custards, cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, pies, puddings, or sweet soups, for dessert.
Prioritise drinking of fluids daily

Always keep a bottle of good fluid near and drink often (Photo: The Voux)

  • Prioritise drinking of fluids daily. Water, tea, coffee, juices should form essential part of your day. Nothing should stop you from having a bottle of water near you for a quick drink. In fact, your bottle of fluid should not be farther from a finger length away from you if possible. This is to help you keep your brain functions intact. According to a Psychologist, “brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted,”-(1). That means your brain cells lose efficiency. You could add flavour to your water to give you taste of your choice. #DrinkGoodAmountsofFluids
Medical checkup

(Photo: Sprechstunde)

  • Prioritise medical checkup. When you feel a bit strange about your health, do not underestimate, visit a qualified healthcare provider for reliable and professional advice. Do not self-medicate because many health problems or diseases have similar signs or symptoms. Moreover, some health problems get worse when the sufferer ingests certain medicines or medicines that are not quite specific for the health problem.

Make a good 'work-life balance' a priority

  • Make a good ‘work-life balance’ a priority. As you work hard for whatever reasons, remember also that work is possible because your health allows you to. Failure to recognise the space for life (revitalisation period) could equal an attempt to impose inefficiency, drop in mental clarity (sanity), and decrease productivity. Overworking yourself is not a good idea. It rather makes you less efficient, though you are spending more time on the work. “Fact: The 6-day workweek used to be a U.S. standard, until Ford Motor Co. saw increased productivity in its early 20th-century assembly lines after giving employees an entire 2-day weekend,” -(2).

fun filled activities

  • Learn to relax the fun way. Make efforts to engage yourself or take part in fun-filled activities that help you get a good laugh, good shake of the body, good stretch of your limbs or you name it. Attending event, concert or going to see a movie at the cinema is one good way many people relax. Socialising with family, someone or people you tolerate best in your life, trying out new good things or places could be great too.
Holiday trip

(Photo: The Car Expert)

  • Holiday trip. There are sights to see and of course things to do when you travel. Going on a holiday trip to exotic destinations (somewhere new or foreign and interesting) is just one way people can boost their health. This holds positive when you plan it well and set goals too. Travel should not just be a part of education but should also be a part of individual’s health plan.There are things holiday travel can do for you and going on a holiday at least once a year is especially important for whoever works a busy job. Holiday travel creates room for exposure as well as an opportunity to better one’s health. Fact: a survey revealed that holiday travel helps people to reduce their blood pressure, improve their sleep and manage their stress levels better. Holiday travel helps people to gain enhanced mood and energy levels. The survey (titled: The Holiday Health Experiment) was carried out by tour operator Kuoni and Nuffield Health, “the UK’s largest healthcare charity,” on the staff of the same by comparing the health status of people who went on holiday against the health status of those who continued working at the same period -(4). A holiday destination does not have to be an expensive one or too far away. It should be interesting and well planned with goals. Holiday travel helps to really relax and refresh the mind and the body, knocking out residual deposits of stress and also revitalising your body against stress.

Having raised the seven points above, one can say to live long enough, the most crucial things to do are tied around our lifestyles. Each point can really improve the quality of our life. The human body when well maintained, can guarantee long life void of disability.

                                 Author: Peter Aroniyo 

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Seven Ways Western People Achieve Long Life
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Seven Ways Western People Achieve Long Life
Seven things to do to live long in good health.
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    Wow, many other countries needs to learn this in order for them to live long too. thanks for sharing such an awesome secret.

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  2. It is really being with people you love and doing what you love, then comes good habits! Very nice written!

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    its very good article for health. i believe that physical activity is best and more liquid (water) during a day is for healthy life. And most important thing your schedule. follow daily routines. its good for health. and laughter is also required to prevent brain problem.

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