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PhD Scholarship: University of Bath, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, UK

Topic: Marie Curie-Sklodowska ITN Early Stage Researcher in Magnetic Induction Tomography


The European Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network TOMOCON joins 12 international academic institutions and 15 industry partners. We work together in the emerging field of industrial process control using smart tomographic sensors. The network will lay the scientific and technological fundamentals of integrating imaging sensors into industrial processes and will demonstrate its functional feasibility on lab and pilot-scale applications. Our doctoral researchers will be trained and work in the fields of process tomography hardware, software and algorithms, control systems theory and design, industrial process design, multi-physics modelling and simulation, human-computer interaction, and massive parallel data processing. More information about the network and all open positions can be found on our web page

Within TOMOCON we seek excellent open-minded and team-spirited PhD candidates who will get unique international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral training in scientific and transferable skills by distinguished leaders from academia and industry. Within the TOMOCON network we offer the following PhD position at University of Bath:

A novel combined ECT/MIT sensor for controlled continuous steel casting

Continuous casting is an important process within steel manufacturing process. This project aims at developing a metal flow imaging in continuous casting. The flow regime and phase distribution in the submerged entry nozzle is decisive for the behaviour of argon bubbles and induced turbulence and buoyancy in the mould. Measurement of such has not yet been achieved and needs a combined tomographic imaging approach, because there is no unique measurement technique that can resolve the outer interface as well as small and fast bubbles in the liquid metal bulk with sufficient accuracy. Both Magnetic induction tomography (MIT) and electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) have great potential for such and application, and in particular their combination. Hence, we propose a novel combined MIT/ECT for such.

The PhD candidate will spend secondments of few months in total for technical and scientific training at HZDR (Germany), Rocsole Ltd (Finland), Primetals Technologies (Austria), Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) and TATA Steel (The Netherland). The PhD degree will be awarded by university of Bath, UK.


  • Distinct university graduation in engineering or natural science, preferably in electrical engineering or physics
  • Programming skills in C/C++ or Matlab or Python,
  • Experience in computational electromagnetics
  • Experience in inverse problems, data fusion and sensor technology
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary scientific work

Starting Date: 1stMarch 2018

Contract: Full-time contract for 36 months

Application: Please submit your application via the link below

Eligibility: The candidate recruited in the TOMOCON project must be Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) and undertake transnational mobility (secondments, trainings, conferences). The candidate must be in the first four years from the date when the researcher obtained the degree entitling him or her to embark on a doctorate (e.g. master degree). It will be counted backward from the date of recruitment (in this case 01.03.2018). No doctoral degree has been awarded during these four years. The candidate can be of any nationality. The candidate must not have resided or carried out her/his main activity (work, studies, etc.) in UK for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the recruitment date. Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays, and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not taken into account.

Information: Prof. Manuch Soleimani – Primary Supervisor, Email:

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