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Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important period and also a very delicate period for both mother and the developing baby in the womb. It is very crucial for a mother to know how to stay healthy during pregnancy. So, you are learning ‘Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy’ in this article.

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Four benefits to staying healthy during pregnancy:

  • You will have a higher chance to safe delivery.
  • The developing baby starts to enjoy good health right from the womb.
  • Staying healthy in pregnancy will help reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy.
  • It will also help to prevent giving birth to retarded children.

Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Nutrition and pregnancy. (Photo: Mommy Asia)

  1. Eat good foods and eat well. It is very important a pregnant woman eats. The body needs enough of all foods. Mostly foods that are very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Fruits are very essential as they supply important nutrients to the body. Poor nutrition during pregnancy is very risky. It can cause weakness and anaemia in the mother. Poor nutrition weakens the body’s ability to resist all kinds of diseases, especially infections. It also increases the risk of a mother dying during or after childbirth. Poor nutrition can cause miscarriage (spontaneous abortion), stillbirth (the baby being born dead). A mother can give birth to a too small or defective baby if she is malnourished.
  2. Use iodized salt in your meals. Iodized salt helps to increase the chances that the child will be born alive and will not be retarded. Generally, iodine helps to prevent goitre in the throat. Please note that too much salt in meals can cause swelling of the feet and other problems. So, use moderate amounts of salt in your meals.
  3. Keep clean always. Bathe/wash and brush daily. Remember that good hygiene practice promotes good health. It helps prevents infections and ill-health.
  4. Avoid sexual contact during the ninth (9th) month of your pregnancy. A developing baby in the womb is normally surrounded and cushioned by a membranous sac called the amniotic sac. The sac contains fluid for the comfort of the developing baby. Having sex during the last month increases the risk of breaking the sac (bag of waters) prematurely. That can lead to an infection.

    Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

    Medicine and pregnancy. (Photo: Emma)

  5. Avoid taking medicines if possible. Some medicines can cause harm to the baby in the womb. It is pretty advisable you take only medicines recommended by a qualified/reputable health worker or Doctor. However, vitamins, folic acid, and iron pills are often helpful and do no harm when used in the right dosage.

    Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

    Smoking and Drinking Alcohol is dangerous in pregnancy. (Photo: The Health Site)

  6. Do not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy. Smoking and alcohol are dangerous for pregnant mother and the developing baby in the womb. They can cause deformity in the developing baby. Smoking of cigarette and drinking of alcohol are two habits that can make your health vulnerable to many diseases. This become a lot worse in poorly nourished people.

    Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

    German measles (Rubella). Photo: Healthline

  7. Avoid having contact with measles. Measles is viral infection that produces rash on the body. Always stay far away from children with measles, especially German measles. German measles is very contagious. Women who get German measles in the first 3 months of pregnancy may give birth to a deformed or damaged child.

    Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

    Pregnant exercise (Photo:

  8. Get good exercise. A woman can get stressed easily during pregnancy. Getting good level of exercise can help condition the body to handle stress better. However, it is advisable you discuss safe exercises with your Doctor or health care provider. Do the works your condition can let you cope with. Do not overwork or get too tired.

    Nine Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

    Chemical fume from car.(Photo: Dolomiti)

  9. Avoid Chemical fumes and pesticides. These may harm the developing baby. Chemical fumes may include exhausts from vehicles, motorcycles, chemicals used for fumigation, etc.
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