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Health Benefits of Moringa and Liberation Moringa Products

Health Benefits of Moringa

Health Benefits of Moringa and Liberation Moring Products

Moringa is a special plant which can offer a lot of amazing health benefits to humans. You can take advantage of the various health benefits of Moringa either by consuming the leaf and/or the seeds. The leaf may be eaten raw or taken as powder when processed into powder. As for the seed, get the dry seeds, just peel off the back, chew, and swallow. Eat the Moringa seeds like you would your normal groundnuts. You will learn all the amazing health benefits of this wonderful plant under the group of moringa products described in this article. The products are from the Liberation Moringa Ventures.

Liberation Moringa Ventures

Liberation Moringa Ventures specialises in making health and body friendly moringa products from moringa plants. Their moringa products can be used to achieve good health and beauty.

Meet Liberation Moringa Products

  1. Liberation Moringa Powder

Preparation of Moring Powder

Health Benefits of Moringa.
Moringa Powder (Credit: Liberation Moringa Ventures)

We harvest only green Moringa Leaves from our farm, wash in salt water to kill germs, rinse in clean water and dry with our specialized drying technology at below 500C. We then grind, shift and package for you. This way the leaves remain green so the chlorophyll in our Moringa Leaf Powder can be available for your health.

Properties of Moring Leaf

Best Herbal Multivitamin Ever!

Moringa Leaf Powder is the best herbal multivitamin ever (closely followed by Moringa Seeds), for the all-round health of humans. With 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflamatories, 18 amino acids and all the 9 essential amino acids, no man made multivitamin can ever rival Moringa. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people eat moringa, especially in developing countries where balanced nutrition can be difficult because of poor economy.

In summary, Moringa Leaf contains:

  • 3 times the potassium in bananas.
  • 7 times the vitamin C in oranges.
  • 4 times the vitamin A carrots
  • 4 times the calcium in milk.
  • 7 times the iron in spinach
  • 100 times more Zeatin (the anti-aging hormone) than any other plant.

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf can heal or prevent over 300 different kinds of diseases.

Moringa leaf:

  • Nourishes the body’s immune system.
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation –normalizes blood pressure
  • Helps in balancing cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Supports normal blood sugar levels.
  • Relieves insomnia and therefore makes you sleep better.
  • Possesses natural anti-aging benefits.
  • Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.
  • Promotes healthy digestion.
  • Heightens mental clarity.
  • Naturally increases energy.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Heals ulcers and tumours.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-virus.
  • Increases sperm count and libido.
  • Eliminates body odour.
  • Contains anti-cancer compounds.
  • Stimulates healthy hair growth.
  • Strengthens bones and relieves arthritis.
  • Promotes milk production in breastfeeding mothers and much more.

Warnings About Moringa Leaf

  • Do not take more than recommended dose. Moringa leaf is rich in sulphur, so the overdose could cause itching.
  • Do not take in an empty stomach.
  • Pregnant women should not take moringa leaf because it could cause abortion. But, moringa leaf is good for children and women who desire to conceive.
  • Moringa Leaf Powder is photo-deradeable, so, store in an opaque container and away from sunlight.
  • Moringa Leaf Powder is hydroscopic, store in airtight containers.
  • Do not subject Moringa Leaf to heat above 500C because too much heat would destroy the nutrients in the leaf.

Daily Dose for Moringa Leaf Powder

One teaspoonful in the morning after breakfast and another teaspoonful in the evening after dinner.

Methods of Eating Moringa Powder (Follow the recommended dose)

  • Mix the powder with drinkable water and drink.
  • Put the powder in your mouth, add some water and mix into paste with your tongue then swallow and push down with some more water.
  • Spray the powder on your food after serving, mix together and eat.

Liberation Moringa Soap (LMS)

Ingredients and Production Method

Health Benefits of Moringa
Liberation Moringa Soap

Ingredient of LMS are only moringa leaf, Soap Base, Palm Kernel oil, Water and Perfume. No artificial enhancements like chemical colourants, foaming boosters and hardeners.

LMS is cold processed soap. Reason for this method of production is that, if Moringa leaf is heated above 500C, much of its many beneficial vitamins and micronutrients get destroyed.

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Liberation Moringa Soap

Special Characteristics of LMS

  1. Greatest Lather

Despite the artificial foaming booster in liberation moringa soap, it foams greatly. This is because Moringa Leaf is rich in sapponins, a natural foaming booster.

  • Hard

Despite the absence of artificial hardener, liberation moringa soap is hard enough. This is because moringa leaf is rich with calcium, a natural soap hardener.

Benefits of Using Liberation Moringa Soap

  1. Clears Stretch Marks

The zeatin in moringa leaf of LMS makes the cells of the epidermis live longer. Applying the lather of LMS on stretch marks 30 minutes before bathing soon exfloliates and improves elasticity of the skin, thereby eliminating stretch marks over time.

  • Clears Some Skin Infections

By applying the lather of LMS, on affected portions of the skin 30 minutes before bathing, the antibacterial properties of Moringa Leaf in the soap clears rashes, ringworm and some other skin infections and blemishes.

  • Exfoliates and Moisturises the Skin

Moringa leaf is an exfoliant. It helps remove dead skin cells that cause dryness. LMS is also rich with glycerine that moisturises the skin. This makes the skin soft and radiant. Moringa Leaf also contains unsaturated fatty acids that keep the skin soft and even. Daily use of LMS encourages healthier, young and radiant looking skin.

  • Improves the Hair

Good looking hair enhances the looks of humans. When LMS is used to wash hair regularly, the sulphur and other relevant properties present in Moringa Leaf make the hair follicles grow better hair. The antibacterial properties of Moringa Leaf also clear dandruff. These make hair grow longer and stop hair breakage. LMS even restores the colour of hair that has been discoloured by bad relaxers.

  • Anti-itching

Applying the lather (foam) of LMS on itchy parts of the skin soon brings relief.

Warnings about Liberation Moringa Soap

  1. Mild Peppering

LMS is very mild. But because Moringa Leaf contains antiseptic properties, first time users of the soap may experience slight peppering sensation, especially if there is any abrasion on the part of their skin where the foam (lather) of LMS touches. The skin gets healed within days, and the peppering stops.

  • May Lighten the Skin

LMS is good for light-skinned people. It does not darken the skin. Nor is LMS a bleaching soap. But prolonged use by dark-skinned people may cause their skin to be slightly lightened by the soap. This is because Moringa Leaf is rich with Vitamins A, C, and E, which are skin-lightening.

  • May Dissolve Faster

After each use, please keep your LMS away from water. Being cold process and herbal, if LMS is kept in contact with water for long, it dissolves rather faster than the hot process, -chemical soaps.

  • May Change Colour

LMS does not contain any artificial colourants. It rather takes the green colour of Moringa Leaf. LMS may turn light brown with age. Change in colour with age is a characteristic of herbal soaps and does not affect quality.

I believe you now know the various Health Benefits of Moringa. So why not start eating Moringa Leaf and or Moringa Seeds and be healthier!

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Interested in any of the Moringa Products?

You can contact Liberation Moringa Ventures via:

Address: P2 Progressive Estate, Olumo, Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08023912969 or 08060553824


Health Benefits of Moringa
Health Benefits of Moringa (In photo: Moringa leaf)
Health Benefits of Moringa and Liberation Moringa Products
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Health Benefits of Moringa and Liberation Moringa Products
This article contains the numerous health benefits of Moringa, how to use Moringa Leaf and Liberation Moringa Products which include Moringa Powder and Moringa Soap.
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