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Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Google requires blog or site owners to fulfil certain eligibility criteria before displaying adsense ads on their sites. Without that, your site would not be approved for the google ads service. It does not end there. You also need to be guided by their program policies too. Any site displaying the google ads does not only earn the owner some cool cash, it also earns you the pride of professionalism. I mean the presence of adsense on your site shows professionalism. This is because google team is standard with everything they do. So for them to display ads on your site means you have got the standard too. Follow this article and Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now.

I know many bloggers and site owners are still struggling to get adsense approval for their site. Many have been rejected several times and they still do not know what is really wrong. In fact, adsense disapproval is one of the most talked issues among bloggers in recent times, especially the newbies. And guess what? It is even very difficult for most of them to pinpoint or guess around why they are being rejected for adsense application. Well, not to worry as Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now will reveal to you every key thing you need on your blog/site to get the adsense.

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Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Step 1: 

For you to make google adsense application for your site, make sure the site is self-hosted. I have seen people complained about unsuccessful adsense applications and when I volunteered to help some of them, I found out that they applied for adsense with or domains. Sorry you cannot apply for adsense with such domains. They are not paid domains. You need a self-hosted (paid) domain. Buy your own domain name and host it with a hosting company. There are many hosting companies out there. Just ask. Once you fulfil that, do step II below and make google adsense application and be approved now.

Make Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Make Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Step II: Create Your Pages

To display the google ads on your site or blog, Google requires that your site or blog has important pages. Your site visitors must be able to navigate your site and locate important pages. It must be convenient for your site visitors to find important pages on the site. Examples of the pages you need on your site or blog include but not limited to, ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Disclaimer’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Terms and Condition’. Depending on the type of website you own, you should add pages as appropriate.

These pages are very important as they let your visitors learn more about you, your site and services you offer via the site and even let them contact you. Pages like those ones above also let you sell yourself or your services more. Pages must be displayed properly and easy to find. Present your site properly. Arrange your site neatly so your visitors can find key pages without stress. Once these are achieved, just make google adsense application and be approved now.

Make Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Create/Upload High Quality and Unique Content (Photo: PerformanceIN)

Step III: Create/Upload and Publish Quality and Unique Contents

For those who have been rejected before, you probably have got a response message like “It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first”. Do not copy and paste other people’s contents on your site if you want adsense to approve your application fast. Your unique articles should contain high volume of words. “About a thousand words and above is better for google ranking and organic search appearance in search engines.

Organic traffic is important for adsense approval. Although your organic traffic does not have to be huge to get approval. Even if you have less than 20 daily organic traffic, your application can still be approved. Number of articles might not really matter but publish a good number of unique articles with high volume words before you apply. This is to avoid disapproval. From experience, your site does not have to be many months old before you can apply.

Use Of Link Schemes For Traffic

The use of link scheme for traffic is not allowed on a site displaying google ads. If you have any of such links active for your blog or website during the adsense application, your application will be rejected. This is from experience too. The use of these link schemes violates adsense policy. Should you not know, example of link schemes is LinkCollider. Avoid it while applying for adsense if you want your application approved.

The Use of HTTPS or HTTP Protocol

Having the https protocol in your site url is a plus for adsense approval. But it is not a must to have the https protocol before your adsense application can be approved. URLs with http protocol are being approved too. Just fulfill all the important criteria. That is all you need. I have an experience around this too.

I was rejected quite a number of times for my first google adsense. My site already utilised the https protocol as at that time. Guess what? I later had an issue of “site not secured, go back to safety”. Everyone visiting my site got this warning every time then. The reason for this was because my SSL certificate expired at that period. My hosting company was to help out but it took longer than I thought anyway. While I worked on the issue, I also decided to resubmit my adsense application. I expected their usual rejection message anyway, coupled with the ssl issue. In less than fifteen hours of applying again, message from Adsense team read: “Congratulation, your site is fully approved”. The ssl issue was still not solved at that time. So I concluded that https protocol is not a must have before you can make adsense application.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimise your site and posts for search engines to find and index them. Good plugins like All In One SEO and YOAST SEO let you optimise posts so search engines can index them properly.

You should know that the first step to take concerning seo is to submit your site url to search engines. Google search console is crucial if you want your pages indexed.

The Use of Backlinks

The use of backlinks is now popular. If people like your site and the contents, they want to share your information with the world.

Backlinking enables this. Major search engines such as google, bing, etc. use the quantity of backlinks your site has as a way to gauge how popular your site – outside of website traffic. Backlinks can really  increase your site ranking on search engines and get new people to find your site.

Make Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Make Adsense Application and Be Approved Now

Social Media Accounts

While social media accounts are not required for adsense approval, it is a good practice to use social media accounts to boost traffic to sites. This can increase your chancess of getting adsense approval.

Go, make google adsense application and be approved now.

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Thank you for reading it.

Author: Peter A. A.

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Make Google Adsense Application and Be Approved Now
What you need to have on your site before applying for google adsense.
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  1. Momsfy says:

    i wll do all this and try one more time to get it approved

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      Hello @ Momsfy,please apply this article and try again. Let me know the outcome so I know if we need to work it together.
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  2. I just recently applied but haven’t heard back. I have everything you mentioned in place so we’ll see.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    This blog is very helpful and unique is helping people capture the money-making potential of google adsense.

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