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How to Use Your Urine Colour to Monitor Your Health

Urine has been a very useful diagnostic ‘tool’ for some human health problems for many years now. Urine can and is being used as a short cut for predicting the presence of certain disease conditions in our body. For example, a quick urine test can reveal the presence of diabetes in the body, urine test can also help with a hint about the proteins status of the body. Urine colour can predict the presence of liver disease, kidney disease, or even tumour.

urine colours, what your urine colour says about your health

(Photo: Dietitians life)

Did you even know that you can use the colour of your urine to know when it is necessary you see a healthcare provider without any delay? Whether you feel very good all over your body or not, certain colours of urine predict you need to see your health care provider, be it a Doctor or a Nurse.

To prevent unnecessary panic, you should be informed as well that some medicines can also cause the colour of urine to change temporarily from the normal colour and these medicines could be herbs or western medicines. This should be temporary and not prolong after such medicine or herb is stopped.

Compare Your Urine with the Samples in the photo above:

*The first bottle of urine, to the left, predicts that you are drinking enough water or may even need cut down a little, if the colour of your urine is like or very close to that.

*The third and forth bottles of urine, to your left, predict that you are not drinking enough water and need to start drinking often as soon as possible.

*The last bottle of urine, to your right, predicts you have an urgent need for water in your body and should start drinking good amounts of water immediately and very often. You need to pay a very good attention to your water intake per day. More beneficial if you observe for good intake of water or good fluid in hours.

It is not good to let yourself start producing urine of that colour, it is a harmful habit.

What Your Urine Colour Says About Your Health

See the chart below for tips on what you can do when your urine colour deviates from the normal colour.

(Urine colours, what your urine says about your health

(Image: Healthysolo)

Finally, too much of everything is not good for anybody, even too much of good things could pose some unbelievable dangers or risks. So also is too much of water in the body (over-hydration).

From the urine chat above:

*The first disc/circle (to your left) predicts you are drinking a little too much of water than your body needs and this is comparable with the sample in the first bottle in the photo discussed earlier where the urine sample is very clear or transparent. You can cut down a little on how much water you drink per day if this is very regular with you.

*When your urine colour is pale yellow or transparent yellow as in the second and the third circles in the above chat (left hand), it all predicts you are drinking just enough and are healthy or normal. No concerns regarding that.

*If the colour of your urine is dark yellow as in the 4th disc/circle (left bottom) , it predicts a need for more water in your body and you should drink more often now. This also compares with the second sample in the bottles above (from your left).

*A brownish to orange colour urine is a sign of dehydration which means you really need to start drinking more water (or fluids) now. It is highly recommended you see a health caregiver as the brownish-orange colour of urine may as well predict liver condition.

*When your urine appears pinkish or reddish in colour, it could be as a result of blood in the urine (hematuria), type of foods taken (e.g blackberries), or medications being used at that time (e.g laxatives containing senna, Rifampin) Mayo Clinic. It is however recommended you see your Doctor because this colour may predict kidney disease, urinary tract infection (UTI) or tumour.

*Blue green urine can be caused by medical or food dyes, medications or some medical conditions. If you had not consumed any brightly coloured food dyes, and had not undergone kidney test or bladder function test (which involve the use of medical dyes), then you might be manifesting some inherited (genetic) disease (e.g blue diaper syndrome) or a urinary tract infection caused by Pseudomonas bacteria –Mayo Clinic

*Finally, if you observed that your urine is foamy, there is a possibility that you are excreting too much protein (albumin) along in the urine and this predicts kidney disease. Urine may foam due to it concentration, especially when you are dehydrated.

Also, retrograde ejaculation may cause foamy urine (in men). This condition occurs in men when semen moves back up into the bladder instead of being released from the penis –Healthline.

Always seek professional medical help or advice on time, make medical check up your habit.

                             Author: Peter A. Aroniyo

How to Use Your Urine Colour to Monitor Your Health
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How to Use Your Urine Colour to Monitor Your Health
This article points you (readers) to how you can use your urine colour to inform yourself about your health status and whether you probably need to see a Doctor. You can use this to learn when you need to drink more water as a habit or when to lower your intake of water.
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