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How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Do you have a blog site or website? Have you purchased a custom (self hosted) domain name for the blog site or website from a hosting company? Or maybe you purchased a domain name for somebody instead? Now, have you ever typed any of the private information submitted to the hosting company e.g. name or private email address, on the google search engine? Did the result obtained from the search come with your personal private information? This article is for you, as it shows you How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData.

Or, are you just planning to buy yourself a domain name from a hosting company? Have you discovered and decided which hosting company you want to buy your domain name from? If yes, this article is equally for you.

Does it matter if my website is new or old and have been for ages? My domain expired recently and so I no longer own or operate the site. You all need to read this and take action.

Let me hint you here that when you purchase a domain name, you will also have your data passed on to “DomainBigData” who will then make your information public on the internet.  This is very true unless you had subscribed to ‘ID Protect’ service with your hosting company when buying your domain name.

What is DomainBigData?

In short, “DomainBigData is “a big database of domains and whois records.” The database contains records for all the domain names registered with hosting companies worldwide. The records include all personal private information associated with every domain name.

The “whois records” is a collection of the domain name registration information. The registration information include all the personal details you submitted to your hosting company when you purchased/registered your domain name.

What Information does DomainBigData make public about You?

The information are the name, the email address, phone and/or mobile number and the physical contact address you submitted to your hosting company.

You do not have anything to worry about, if you had purchased ID Protect service along with your domain and hosting package.

They do not need to contact you before your domain ”whois” information are passed on to them. And you may probably not be aware of it unless somehow you come across it on the web.

As at the time of writing this article, ”DomainBigData”, as reported on their website, already have about ”458,894,464” domain names in their database, and are still counting day by day. You would agree with me that some of the people whose information make a part of the above figure are not even aware of this.

I know how worrisome it could be to have one’s private personal information on the internet. The fear of who might grab my private personal information is one. The fear of what someone might do with my private personal information is another. And the list may go on like that.

The solution to this issue is either you go on and purchase ID Protect service or you follow a few steps to remove your information from their database.

To purchase ID Protect service, your hosting company should be able to help with that, if you contact them.

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Step 1: Go to DomainBigData website here

Step 2: Click on “CONTACT US” button at top right corner of their website. You will land on the screen below.

Step 3: Click on the blue bold link that says “To ask for a domain removal or a domain update please use this link.”

Remove information from DomainBigData

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Step 4: From the link in “Step 3” above, you will land on a screen as shown below. There, click on the Facebook “like” button to like their Facebook page or you may use the Google+ icon instead.

Hint: Even if you do not want to be their fan on Facebook, just like the page to enable you complete your request. You can do what you wish after you complete the entire process.

Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Proceed and fill in your Domain name and Email address.

Then fill the “captcha” and select your required action underneath it,  i.e. “Update domain (whois, Ip,…) or “Hide public whois record”.

Remove Personal Infromation from DomainBigData

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Following all that, you should land on a screen like the one below.

Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

Step 5: Go on and check your email box and click the link sent to complete your request. You should land on a screen that looks like the one below. It shows that you have successfully removed your personal private information from the public.

Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData

You can double check by using the search engine to see if you can still find your information.

Having said all that, it may interest someone to know that it’s fine to have your information public with DomainBigData if those information are direct business links. This may let potential clients discover your business and you know what that means for you. Having your business email address, business contact number and business location as your physical contact address would probably bring you more good than otherwise.

If this article helps you, please leave a comment.

               Author: Peter Aroniyo

How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData
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How to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData
This article shows you five simple steps to Remove Personal Information from DomainBigData.
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12 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful info.

  2. bob says:

    Hello, It doesn’t work for me. I can’t reach the step 2 even if i like on FB or post on google+. I tried on different computer,with different navigators , with private navigation, there is no way for me 🙁 Please help

    • says:

      Hello bob, I think you have not used the information correctly.
      Please use my facebook page ( to send me a message so I can help you right away.

  3. Jay says:

    And what about those who detest all this ego shoot in social media and have neither???

    • JB says:

      Apparently the website had issues for at least the last 6 months – that’s how long I’ve been trying – but now you should be able to remove your personal information Jay!

  4. Deepak Rajendran says:

    Hi, I followed your steps. I cannot see any information about my old domain but when I search my domain in google search it shows the information: is owned by xxx(my name) and my domain name. how to get rid of that? please help me

  5. alek says:

    it doesn’t work more.

  6. Lee says:

    Thanks. Very helpful article.

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