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Hackers hold annual convention in Leipzig

Report reaching us reveals that thousands of hackers have gathered in the east German city of Leipzig on Wednesday for their annual convention.

According to the report, they are gathered under the motto “Do Something.” The four-day event run by the Chaos Computer Club is expected to deal with hot topics such as security vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, data protection and artificial intelligence.

In addition to dealing with aspects of IT security, political and social debates play an ever increasing role at the annual convention.

The 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34c3) continues to grow and is sold out this year.

Some 15,000 people are expected to take part in this year’s event at the Leipziger Messe exhibition grounds, the new home for the event after years of being held in the northern port city of Hamburg.


Hackers hold annual convention in Leipzig
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Hackers hold annual convention in Leipzig
Hackers hold annual convention in Leipzig.
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