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What is Gonorrhea? Prevention of Gonorrhea Infection

The World Health Organization recently released a report update about gonorrhoea disease, it was not a good news because we learned gonorrhoea is fast becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment. This means the disease is proving more difficult to treat with the usual antibiotics.

What is gonorrhea

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae or simply gonococcus.

What is Gonorrhoea

Bacteria that causes gonorrhea (Image: Shoba Rao)

 How is the Infection Acquired?

Gonorrhoea disease is transmitted through sexual activities, no matter the form of sexual practice. Gonorrhoea is a serious infection of the genital tract in both men and women. The disease is commonly transmitted through sexual activities be it by oral, anal or genital.






  • Through Sexual intercourse: genital sex, oral sex, anal sex
  • Contact with fluid or discharge of infected person

Signs and Symptoms: 

  • Most people, men or women, do not show symptoms.

Symptoms common to women are: 

(Image: Merck Manual)

1.) Frequent urination

2.) Painful sex

3.) Vaginal discharge

4.) Lower abdominal pain





Symptoms common to men:


1.) Pain in the penis

2.) Thick yellow or green discharge

3.) Swollen genital








Symptoms common to men and women:

  • Pain and discomfort or burning sensation when passing out urine
  • Infection develops in the anus
  • Sore throat may develop
  • Pain and bleeding may occur in the rectum


Photo: mytips10

1.) The best medicine that prevent or protect against gonorrhoea infection is abstinence or faithfulness; abstinence from sexual intercourse for unmarried people or faithfulness to one uninfected partner.

2.) Use of good quality condom that would not break during sex.

3.) Avoid multiple sexual partners.

4.) Know your partner’s status before attempting sexual intimacy with him/her.

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