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How To Make Fufu Meal From Cassava (plus photos)

Fufu Meal

This article is about how to make fufu meal from cassava.

Fufu is a high energy giving food because it is very rich in carbohydrate. The meal is very common in some African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and Cameroon

In Nigeria, fufu is a staple food and most common in the eastern part of the country. The food is called akpu in Igbo language and fufu in Yoruba language.

Fufu is also called fufuo in Ghana and couscous in french speaking Cameroon.

Let me hint you here that the preparation of cassava fufu meal starts with the processing of the raw cassava roots into paste. After you obtain the paste, you can then go ahead and make your fufu meal. You will learn in details, how to make and process the paste later in this article.

Nutritional Benefit/Value of Cassava Fufu Meal

Basically, cassava fufu is prepared from cassava roots. Cassava itself is very rich in carbohydrate. So is the fufu too. Therefore, fufu is a high energy giving food.

However, the nutritional value/benefits of the fufu meal depend on your creativity with the meal. Sorry? Yeah you read correctly. I mean you can create a nutritional value of choice for your fufu meal. How? This can be done by adding food substances that can supply the nutrients you desire in the meal. For example, addition of liquid milk can make your fufu rich in proteins and other nutrients usually contained in the milk. The liquid milk can be added at the last stage of the cooking process just before it is ready to be served/dished.

How to make fufu meal from cassava

Fufu meal with vegetable soup.

Fufu requires soup/sauce to accompany it down the throat to the stomach. At this point, you can further enhance nutritional value for your fufu by making a very good choice of soup for it. A soup/sauce that can supply the body with good nutrients. Vegetable soup is good call among others. Fresh vegetables are the best to consume. Remember that your vegetables should not be overcooked for best health benefits. Lovers of fufu feel it is best when it has a smooth texture, a characteristic sour aroma, and appears creamy‐white in color.

How to Make Fufu Meal From Cassava

I have put all the steps involved into stages for you in this article.

Stage 1: Prepare Cassava for Fermentation

  • Source for fresh raw cassava roots.
  • Peel off the brownish bark, cut in smaller sizes and wash clean.
  • Load them into a clean container that can contain all the cassava with empty space remaining above the cassava.
  • Fill the container with clean water and let the water cover the whole cassava.
  • Then cover with a lid and leave undisturbed for 48-52 hours (2 – 3 days).

Within the 48-52 hours, fermentation will occur and the cassava will soften. The first indicator of fermentation is an obvious smell of soaked cassava you perceive when you go near it or when you open the lid. Press some of the cassava with your fingers to know whether it is ready for processing. If they feel very soft, then you can now process them into paste. A very soft cassava will lose shape/form and break when pressed with fingers or hand.

How to make fufu meal from cassava

Processing of fufu paste. Pictures from left: 1 -Pulverized & wet-sieved; 2 -Undissolved parts; 3 -Paste obtained & bag ready for packing; 4 -Excess water decanted; 5 -paste loaded into bag; 6 -Bag packed to squeeze out excess water.

Stage 2: Process the Soften Cassava into Paste (see photos above)

You need a clean good size sieve, clean empty container (big enough to contain the paste), clean water and clean good sack/cloth bag. In short, all you need do here is hand-pulverize and wet-sieve the fermented cassava roots to obtain the sedimented wet cassava mash (called cassava paste).

  • Fetch some of the soften cassava into the sieve.
  • Dip the sieve half way into the water in the clean container and squeeze the cassava while motioning your hand in a circular manner. The squeezing and motion allow the soften cassava to break into tiny tiny pieces and escape through the sieve holes into the container of water. That enable the paste formation. Keep squeezing until you have only the hard parts that cannot go through the sieve into the container of water.
  • Now discard that hard part into a separate container and repeat the process squeezing and motioning until you have done all the soaked cassava.
  • Leave the paste for a few minutes, to settle under the water in the container.
  • Then decant the excess water that has settled at the top of the paste. Your paste is now ready to go in the bag.

Stage 3: Squeeze Out Excess Water

  • Transfer the paste from the container into the bag.
  • Pack and tie the bag such that the paste is so contained to let excess water squeeze out through the bag pores.
  • Leave for about 15-25 minutes, in a way that let excess water continue to drain from the bag, see picture 6 above.
How to make fufu meal from cassava

Processing of cassava paste into fufu

Stage 4: Cooking Phase

This is the stage you have to process the cassava paste into food. Here, you need a cooking pot and a turning stick. Or, a mortar and a pestle for pounding instead of turning in the pot.

Get a cooking pot that is big enough to contain your paste. If you cannot handle the paste once, divide it and process the quantity you can handle at once.

  • Fetch a little clean water into the pot
  • Feed the paste into the pot and mix thoroughly (with the water).
  • Put your paste on fire, cover the pot and leave to boil.
  • Leave to boil for some minutes and turn with the turning stick or load the paste in mortar and pound instead. The mixing or pounding will let you obtain a uniform paste.
  • Following that, add another clean water and boil again.
  • Then turn (or pound) again until you get a uniform paste.
  • Continue the cooking process until your paste has no traces of the fresh paste.
  • At this stage, if you planned to enhance its nutritional value with milk, just make your liquid milk ready and pour it during the turning or pounding. Just mix thoroughly to let your milk circulate well.
  • Then you can now dish your fufu.

Lovers of fufu meal also have their various choice of soups some prefer assorted vegetable soup with fish and/or meat. Some prefer beans soup while some would rather relish their fufu with groundnut soup.

How to make fufu meal from cassava

Pounding of Fufu in Mortar with pestle. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Preservation of Processed Fufu

Fufu can remain in good quality for about 2 or 3 days. This also depends on how well you preserved it. You can pack and store it in your refrigerator. It is not advisable to wrap hot fufu in plastic bags.

Entrepreneurial wisdom:

Having known the steps involved in making fufu, you can increase the sources of your income by starting your own fufu making business. You can look out for events that involve dining and wining for contracts to make fufu as part of the menus. Any business require packaging one’s self. You also need to have strategies. One way is to network with event planners to know when they get contracts and so you could offer your own service of fufu making too. Just be sure to have at hand, reliable sources for your cassava roots. Job done!

Cassava is not expensive at all. So I believe you can take that advantage and learn how to make fufu meal from cassava, for business purpose.

Finally, how to make fufu meal is for self development, adding to your cooking skills and for business insight.

I hope you like this article, please leave your comment.

Thank you for reading it.


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