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First Aid Tips for Minor Cuts and Wounds

It is very common for a person or someone to experience cuts and wounds at unexpected times. Anybody who has cut or wound in any part of the body whether major or minor, stands the risk of microbial infections. Some microbial infections to the wound or an open skin can pose very serious threat to the health of the victim. For example, tetanus (also called lockjaw) disease results when the bacterium called Clostridium tetani enters the site of wound or injury and is usually very serious.

Symptoms of wounds/cuts:

  • pain
  • bleeding
  • open skin
  • swelling
first aids tips for minor cuts and wounds

(Image: KidsHealth)

Practical Steps to take:

  • You should normally wear disposable protective gloves.
  • Apply a direct pressure on the wound with a clean cloth (or gauze) to stop the bleed.
  • Clean the wound with warm water and gentle (body-friendly) soap.
  • Alternatively, rinse very well with water and methylated spirit.
  • Remove any dirt/particles from the face of the wound.
  • Apply antibiotic cream to keep moist and minimise the risk of infection.
  • Cover the wound face with a new bandage and hold with plaster if required.
  • Get a health care provider to see whether the wound needs stitching.
  • Change bandage as required (in case of wet or dirty).

Get medical help in any event of unusual appearances such as rash developing around the wound.

While you can manage minor wounds by following the steps above, you should seek immediate help in any event of a major wound or wounds caused by human or animal bites so you don’t gamble with the risks of infection and loss of function.

Finally, do not use hydrogen peroxide and any cleanser that contains iodine on wounds as they may cause damage to tissues in the wound.

First Aid Tips for Minor Cuts and Wounds
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First Aid Tips for Minor Cuts and Wounds
This short articles gives a set of practical steps require to safely and effectively take care of minor cuts/wounds.
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