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Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Cancers From Plastics, Nylons

A dietician recently warned against the common habit of cooking ‘moi moi’ in nylons or cellophane bags.


The warning was necessary because of the fact that nylons produce a toxic substance called dioxins when they come in contact with heat. The dioxins cause cancers in humans. It is important to point out here that burning or melting is not necessary for the dioxins to get released from the plastic products. Apparently, heat is all it takes to release the dioxins.

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An article on dioxins revealed that “exposure to dioxins has widespread effects in nearly every vertebrate species, at nearly every stage of development, including in the womb.” The article further revealed that “Dioxins can cause developmental problems in children, lead to reproductive and infertility problems in adults, result in miscarriages, damage the immune system, and interfere with hormones.” Dioxins exposure has also been linked to type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and an acne-like skin disease called chloracne, a hallmark of dioxin exposure, the article further revealed.

Link to the article on Dioxins

An important question may be, how much heat does it require to get dioxins released from the nylons?

While the question may yet remain unanswered here, the author of this article has observed the common habits that may predispose us to the preventable cancers (cancers due to the risky use of plastics/nylons) and has the following tips to gear everyone to take proactive measures against dioxins consumption to minimise the chances of developing any dioxin related cancers.

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         Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Cancers from Nylons or Plastics 

Avoid cooking or heating foods or edibles in nylons and other plastic products. Example: cooking ‘moi moi’ in nylons. Dieticians believe it is safer cooking your moi moi using certain leaves that have been thoroughly washed.

  1. Don’t buy hot foods in nylons e.g. cooked rice, beans, hot roasted fish or boiled meat, hot ‘pepper soup’, hot fries such as yam and potato and hot soups.
  2. Avoid wrapping hot foods in nylons. Examples: wrapping hot semovita, eba, fufu/akpu, pounded yam, amala, etc.
  3. Do not boil or heat sachet or bottled water directly on a hot surface or in a hot pot of water or food.
  4. Avoid making or taking hot drinks in plastic cups (or containers).
  5. Do not serve hot food or hot drinks in disposable plastics.
  6. Do not prepare, warm or cover food in plastics or nylons when using your microwave.
  7. Avoid eating or feeding someone hot meals/drinks with plastic spoons.

These tips are rather a set of preventive approach against cancers due to dioxins ingest from food items prepared, packed or served in plastics and nylons.

                                                                                                                           Author: Peter Aroniyo

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