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Eight Ways to Manage Stress Effectively

Stress is no doubt a part of everyday life for us. Stress could produce positive or negative impacts on us. This depends on how long it lasts on us. Stress cannot be totally avoided but management is key to preventing the negative effects and health problems caused by stress. This article teaches you how to manage stress, effectively.

We can start to manage stress quickly and more effectively when we have knowledge of the signs and symptoms and the causes of stress -which you can access here. In fact, the first step to help you manage stress is to recognise its signs as soon as you start manifesting them.

How to manage stress

Eight Ways to Manage Stress Effectively

Get regular physical exercises. There are a lot of exercises you can do to help condition your body against stress. Examples: Juggling at least a short distance; walking reasonable distances; waking the body with press-up, or even skipping rope exercise increases the body’s resilience against stress.

Remember this article is teaching you how to manage stress, effectively. Exercises will condition your body and prepare you mentally and physically to cope with stress. Exercise will boost your mood and thereby condition your body against stress. Although it is advisable you do exercise your own way. Do the exercises you can cope with. If you are a starter, do not force yourself to last longer than your body can cope with at a go. Do it bit by bit to help condition your body to adapt to exercise.

Let me also mention to you that riding bicycle is also a very good exercise. It has a lot of positive effects which range from mental health to cardio.

How to manage stress

Discuss with your Doctor about stress

Talk to your health care giver. It is safer to seek help from your care provider/centre for any existing or new health problems. If you don’t already have a health care provider, seek help by finding a reputable health centre. Many symptoms of stress can also be signs of other health problems. This is why it is very important you see your GP who can help you rule out other conditions.

How to manage stress

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Get your Priorities right. Determine between the things that are more important and those that can wait. Learn to say no to extra tasks that overload you. Apply the principle of division of labour to delegate your responsibilities where possible.

Also, learn to not worry yourself on the tasks you could not complete. Space your tasks according to your capability.

How to manage stress

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Engage yourself with relaxing activities. Stress coping programs or activities such as massage, meditation, yoga, and other gentle exercises can really help in managing stress. You can get a great result when you do these with people who share similar interest.

How to manage stress

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Nutrition: Make balanced diet a priority. This will help to keep the body very healthy and a healthy body is better prepared to handle the daily stress. It is advisable you eat good fruits regularly. Healthy fruits release important nutrients into the body. Thess nutrients make the body healthier and more functional.

Habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and use of illicit drugs can make you more vulnerable to stress and diseases. To stop or cut down on them, self-discipline is key.

How to manage stress

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Time: Organise your daily activities with respect to time. Pay attention to timing (that is programming yourself daily) to enable you also have time to relax and pursue your interests that make you happy. When you plan your time well, you will have time to achieve things that matter to you. Doing things that make you happy can create emotional comforts. This can make you less vulnerable to stress.

Also, always control your ‘to-do’ lists. Do not jam packed with activities, include only what you can control at a time.

How to manage stress


Get more Social: Get more social physically. Avoid lonely life-style. It is not a good idea to get stuck in only indoor activities or with only computer devices all the time. Be well connected with people (family, friends, colleagues or groups) that can influence you positively. Be around who can help you emotionally and give you other supports. Go out and see events. Find places where good things, especially the things you love, happen and attend.

How to manage stress

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Medicines: General Practitioners/Doctors would not normally prescribe you any medications for stress unless your stress has progressed into depression in which case is no longer stress but mental illness. At that stage, anti-depressant may be prescribed. Instead, therapies may be recommended to help you manage stress.

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                     Author: Peter A. Aroniyo

Eight Effective Ways to Manage Stress
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Eight Effective Ways to Manage Stress
This article is about how to manage stress. It presents you with Eight Ways to Manage Stress Effectively.
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