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Cashalart Affiliate Program: Get paid for Reading News and Making Comments

Login to Facebook daily = #0 (12 months = ₦0)
Login to cashalart daily = #50 (12 months = ₦18,250)
Writing post and commenting on Facebook = ₦0
Write meaningful short post on cashalart = ₦100
Writing comment on any post = ₦3 (unlimited )
Refuse to enrich Mark Zuckerberg in vain join CASHALART today and withdraw your earnings on weekend basis.

Cashalart is an online news company that pays you for reading and making comments on their posts; pays you every day you login to their website; pays you for sharing their sponsored posts on your Facebook; for writing posts; and lots more. Only via Cashalart Affiliate Program.

Brief Backgrounds about Cashalart

Cashalart is an affiliate program that have chosen to deal with financial problems among youths, students, middle class and other groups who wish to take advantage of the earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on weekly basis.

The online news company boasts of over 17,000 members as at the time of writing this article.

Ways You Can Make Money from Cashalart

  • Daily Login

Cashalart will pay you for doing nothing other than just login on to their website. This reward is immediate and daily. That is, you see this particular earning in your wallet immediately as you login, every day. You get paid ₦50 for login per day. This amounts to ₦350 per week or ₦1500/₦1550 per month. It does not matter what time of the day you login. Just login anytime of the day and get paid your ₦50.

  • Making Comments on Posts/Articles

After you login on their website, one quick way to increase your earnings is making comments on the articles you see on the site. It does not even have to be only the articles of the day. You can still earn by commenting on the articles of last week or last month. You earn ₦3 for every comment you make on the posts. There is no limit to how much you can make per day by commenting on the articles. Just imagine you comment on 500 articles in a day, that is ₦1,500 for that day apart from your earnings from other activities. Remember, the more comments you make, the more your earning. Therefore, how much you earn per day is entirely up to you.

  • Sharing and Commenting on Sponsored Posts

One of the best ways to earn huge and very quick on Cashalart Affiliate Program is by sharing their sponsored posts. You earn ₦150 per sponsored post shared. So you can earn up to ₦1,050 per week from sponsored posts activity. To earn by this particular means, you must share it on your Facebook timeline and your Facebook account must have at least 300 friends. Just share, make sure the tittle and image of the sponsored post appear on your timeline, return to the Cashalart website and comment on that particular sponsored post to authenticate your activity. Sponsored posts are available four times per week and members must participate in sharing sponsored posts in a week to get paid the weekend. Always remember that your weekly earnings from Cashalart Affiliate Program depend on you.

  • Referral

Members of this great platform use the referral mode of earning to earn really quick and huge. This requires you to invite people to join Cashalart Affiliate Program and earn money. Once you register and your Cashalart account is created, you will be provided a unique referral code which you can use to invite people via your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, etc. Or you can simply talk to people physically and register those interested directly under you.

You earn ₦1,000 commission per person you refer. Say you are able to gain just 10 people weekly, that is ₦10,000 additional earning for you per week. It is very possible, just utilize all the avenue passionately and you will be surprised.

  • Writing Short News Article

You can also earn by writing short post for the company. Just write and submit. Once approved, you get paid ₦100 per post. Now with so many events taking place all around, you could really earn through this means. How much money you make per week is entirely up to you.

  • Selling Coupon Codes as Vendor

You can decide to earn more by becoming one of their coupon code vendors. This mode of earning is not readily available. Before you can qualify for this, you must have made at least ₦5,000 from referral alone. Being a coupon code vendor, you earn ₦100 on every sale you make. The coupon code is required to become a registered member of the platform. This means every registered member of the platform purchased a coupon code to complete their registration. Therefore, when you refer someone, and also as a coupon code vendor, you can make more than ₦1,000 commission per head referred, if the person registered through you. Any person registering buys coupon code only once and that is included in the one-off registration token which you will learn about shortly.

How You Get Paid

Cashalart Affiliate Program

Cashalart Affiliate program offers one of the most flexible mode of payment any company, be it physical or online company, could offer. That is weekly payment. Their weekly payment is sure, members can confirm to you. The weekly payments take place during the weekends. You get paid every weekend provided your earnings qualify for cash out. To be eligible for payment, you must have earned up to ₦4,000, with referral or ₦5,000 without referral. This means it is not mandatory you refer somebody before can get paid. To me, this is fair enough. All you need do once your earnings get to the threshold is to request payment by filling the pay form, which collects your bank details alongside other information. Then, relax and listen to your phone sounds the alert tone afterwards. Saturdays are pay days.

How to Join Cashalart Affiliate Program

Now that you know what you can benefit from cashalart what next? Just join and start making money effortlessly. This is not the era you rely on monthly salary alone to do everything in your life. If you do in this our time, you probably will struggle to make reasonable savings, pay important bills, pay child’s school fees, or give children the good start they deserve in life. Even if you are still single, it is not until later you should start planning for future. After all, the future is now. You can use this passive income opportunity to start planning your near future parenthood.

To join this great platform, you need just ₦1,500 to purchase coupon code through the link below.

Register for Cashalart Affiliate Program

When you are ready, please buy your coupon code from the Authorised link displayed above to register and your account will be created immediately. Your welcome earning is ₦90 following the registration.

Remember no one can work a job forever. Start leveraging on the power of passive income today and prosper. It is best to fire your boss than to get fired by him/her.

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Author: Peter A.A.

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