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New Hypertension Guidelines by American Heart Association

American Heart Association has released new hypertension guidelines which come with a significant change from the values that have been in use for decades. This new improvement is coming since the last one in 2003.

At this point, we could very quickly remind ourselves that high blood pressure (or hypertension) is well responsible for stroke and heart disease. These two health issues are responsible for high number of deaths today.

The new ranges for Blood Pressure are as contained in the table below.

Using the new guidelines, a blood pressure of less than 120/80 will be considered normal, but levels at or above 120 to 129 will be regarded “elevated.” This actually means that more number of people will be labelled hypertensive when the new guidelines are applied in the diagnosis of patients.

From the analysis of the association’s reports, the new blood pressure guidelines should not cause people to panic about their individual’s blood pressure status as the guidelines are intended to help people take steps to control their blood pressure earlier and also let Doctors to further focus on a whole framework of healthier lifestyle changes for their patients.

Contrary to the disclosed intentions of the authors of the new guidelines, as seen in reports (see video below), some people seem to have other thoughts regarding this improvement as they see it to mean more boon for Pharmaceutical companies because they think doctors are likely to prescribe hypertension medications more often with the new guidelines.

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A member of the Writing Committee for the New guidelines,  Kenneth Jamerson, M.D., Ph.D said they will label more people hypertensive and give more medication, but will also save lives and money by preventing more strokes, cardiovascular events and kidney failure. Kenneth Jamerson is a professor of internal medicine and hypertension specialist at the University of Michigan Health System. He is one of 21 experts on the guideline writing committee.

“If you are going to put money into the healthcare system, it’s to everyone’s advantage if we treat and prevent on this side of it, in early treatment,” he said.

The table below points you to what the new ranges of blood Pressure means and what should be done in each case.

New Hypertension Guidelines by American Heart Association

New Hypertension Guidelines (Source: American Heart Association)

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New Hypertension Guidelines by American Heart Association
Scientists release New Blood Pressure Guidelines. The new guidelines should now be used to monitor our health for better.
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